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Galactic Study Groups and Sessions

"We are Beautiful Creatures Living in a Dark Sea of Light" - Aletheia M.

Join Starguide, Aletheia M., as we collectively contemplate and learn how to unlock the gifts from our Multidimensional Selves. 

Study groups are free and meet bi-weekly.


January 10, 2021

First Study Group Call

  1. Introductions

  2. Share Galactic Signatures

  3. Discuss the general questions we have about the nature of time, history and calendars

  4. Set the intention for the next two weeks before our next group gathering

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Conscious Adventurers Book Club

The Book Club is where we share information with people who are interested in learning something new or want to discover some hidden truths about the world. The club is one of the gathering spaces for Quantum Nest to generate conscious conversations.

If you haven't started or finished the book before our monthly session, we'd still love for you to attend and connect. 

Old Book

Personalized Poems

Would you like to have a personalized poem for yourself or give one to your family, friends or a person you've been thinking about?  Click the button below and submit the Poem Personalization Form to provide us with more details regarding your poem.  Poems start at $15. 



Would you like to have an infographic (poster, letter, social media post or other size) related to food, science or art for your office, bedroom, living room, notebook or presentation? Click the button below and submit the Infographic Request Form to provide us with more details.  Infographics start at $20.