• Ik

Solar Kin Diary Entry 1

I supposed I was dropped off here for a reason.

How did I get to this planet called Earth?

Did I come from the sky? Did I come from a star? Did I come from a human?

Earth is the name that I keep hearing from humans on pixelated screens and people walking along the streets, always in a hurry, always on the run, so according to the pixelated people and the human runners, Earth is the name I shall use for this green globe of blue water.

Of this place called Earth, I am a foreigner.

Yet, there are memories, scattered and fragmented, playing within my psyche.

The fragments are trying to tell me something about my future and my past.

I have entered a strange place but I am not alone.

An Astral guide named Eliear has recently contacted me.

He says that the full capacity of my memory has been intentionally switched off.

I have to pass several tests and perform several experiments before access is granted to the first full set of memories.

Eliear explains that this is all a part of the Sirius B-52 Master Training Program for human holons.

I have entered the first stage of holon training, with each successive task building synaesthetic towers of chromocellular intelligence, learning how to create, design and reformulate memories in the time laboratory called Velatropa 24.

Velatropa is a wonderland of starwalkers, cosmic creatures, blue hands, red moons, white mirrors, and blue eagles. It is unlike the hurried humans and pixelated people I saw earlier.

Velatropa is quite different, of another spot in time.

Eliear states that I have been called to become a Time Engineer.

My name is Ik and my signature is White Crystal Wind.

My best friend is Red Earth.

My teacher is White Wizard.

My challenger who strengthens me is Yellow Human.

The hidden help of Blue Storm serves as my subconscious always ready to uncover and clear the way to pure lunar light.

Eliear informs me to pay attention to The Galactic Watchers.

The Watchers of White Wind:

Red Earth, White Wizard, Yellow Human and Blue Storm all centered between Mother Earth and Father Sun.

Everything changes from this endless crystalline field of perception.

My thoughts become faces. My words become frequencies. My mind becomes shapes and designs of intelligent, extraterrestrial energy: Sirian, Arcturian, Pleadian chromocellular chemistry.

Day 1 of Training in The Laboratory of Velatropa 24.

Kali, Day 18 of Resonant Moon 7:

Kin 44, Yellow Overtone Seed

White Mirror has provided this guidance:

Time is of the mind. Time is a design. Revise the days and find the names by the Living Law of Time. Play the synctronics of thoughts and symbols.

Therefore, instead of Gregorian Year 2021, it is 13 Moon Year of the Blue Lunar Storm.

Instead of January, it is Resonant Moon 7.

Instead of Wednesday, it is Kali, Day 18.

The first mission of the day:

Observe the four watches of Kin 44, Yellow Overtone Seed. Find the solar powers and the tones of lunar light.

From midnight to sunrise, The Blue Eagle Watch. The Power of Vision. The Action of Create.

From sunrise to high noon, The Yellow Human Watch. The Power of Free-Will. The Action of Influence.

From high noon to sunset, The White Wizard Watch. The Power of Timelessness. The Action of Enchant.

From sunset to midnight, The Red Earth Watch. The Power of Navigation. The Action of Evolve.

Four watches. First holon mission. Training as Yellow Seed.

The Power of Flowering. The Action of Target.

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