The Indigo Path is a Sequence of Collective Prosperity


The Golden Path of the Gene Keys is a sequence of Self-Illumination. It activates individual genius, permanently opens individual hearts through relationships and commits to the highest form of community-service leading to global prosperity.

The Indigo Path is a fractal of The Golden Path. The Indigo Path follows a sequence of the Conscious Adventurer in the Quantum Nest. It activates collective genius and engages in open-hearted, insightful conversations to transform the low-frequency state of a divisive world into a higher-frequency state of a connected, unified world.


Aletheia M., Quantum Nest and Conscious Adventurers are expressions of The Gene Keys.


As Aletheia M. , I will guide the cosmic energy of light and love into greater expressions of collective prosperity.


I introduce the foundation of the sequence:


The 5 P’s of the Indigo Path:

Promote, Preserve, Protect, Partnership, Prosperity


Promote Purpose and Mirror the Message.

Preserve Passion to Inspire Action.

Protect the Integrity and Honor the Quintessence.

Partners Create Portals.

Cosmic Synergy Activates Prosperity.


Following the foundation, I introduce the 5-step Sequence of the Indigo Path:


  1. I research individuals, entrepreneurs, inventors, healers, teachers, philosophers, scientists, artists, poets or simply anyone who wants to share a message. The individual is either working on a project, owns a product, offers a service or holds an idea that is designed to elevate the frequency of the collective consciousness.

  2. I share my insights and findings on the Chronicles Blog for Conscious Adventurers to read and absorb. This is the Pre-Show written contemplation of the Anchor The Light podcast.

  3. I invite the individual, artist , entrepreneur or co-creators to speak on the Anchor The Light Podcast to engage in an active contemplation, dialogue or trialogue in a playful dance of conversation.

  4. I reflect on the podcast interview in an After-show Contemplation on the Chronicles Blog. I offer my personal perspective of the conversations and recommend specific solutions or Call to Actions that will further illuminate the information, setting the intention to reach a wider audience.

  5. All of the writings and contemplations reveal a different layer of the Indigo Path, representing the ultimate mission to create conscious conversations that will bring humanity into a unified family sharing gifts and working together to explore the unlimited abundance of Collective Prosperity.


“Synergy is a word we often apply to a group dynamic that’s functioning smoothly, that’s buzzing and creative. Once we realise that we no longer need to compete with each other to survive, the next stage is figuring out how to work together. This is a great challenge, and the 45th Gene Key is adept at this.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways


“Prosperity is of the whole being. Wealth involves only the material plane.

Prosperity must involve the fullness of your life. How can you prosper if you are not healthy? How can you prosper if your relationships are not fulfilling? How can you prosper if you are not deeply connected to a sense of purpose? When your heart finally opens, you will have already realised how lucky you are to have discovered this greatest secret – that it is love that buys you time, not money.” - Richard Rudd, The Difference between Wealth and Prosperity – 7 myths about money


“We co-create a world where love ,not money, is the essential invisible threading the individual strands of humanity together as One Collective Intelligent, Immortal, Beautiful Organism of Light.” - Aletheia M.

The first episode of the Anchor the Light Podcast is set to debut in December 2020. 

This space will also soon be home to the Anchor the Light Schedule of Guests.