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About Quantum Nest

Quantum Nest is a virtual city that serves as a platform for healing arts.  Our mission is to bring a new language into the world where a Quantum Light is seen as a symbol of intelligent energy and a Quantum Nest is home for a Quantum Leader to be born. Our virtual city includes multiple art healing communities such as the Multidimensional Arts Community, Artful Science Community, Poetic Community, Culinary Arts Community and Indigo Arts Community.

We host the podcasts Mystical Musings (poems and contemplations), Fractal Findings (branches of science), The Lux Quadrant (storytelling, science and poems), Vital Victuals (elements of the earth, nourishment, food) and Anchor the Light (business speakers and artists).

Our Podcasts

A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files for easy personal downloading. Quantum Nest hosts the podcasts Fractal Findings (FF), Vital Victuals (VV) and Anchor the Light (AL). Learn more about each one below.


FF is a podcast that views the patterns that exist in the Lux Quadrant of TimeSpace. These patterns are called fractals. The nature of fractals is explored in both TimeSpace and SpaceTime.



VV is a podcast that discusses the macro and micro levels of nutritious substances that are necessary for living and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


AL is a podcast that starts the first step in the Indigo Path of Quantum Nest. The Indigo Path is a sequence of Collective Illumination.

Quantum Chronicles Blog

The Chronicles Blog is reminiscent of the 1920's when the newspaper industry was booming. The blog dives deeper into our podcasts and other information to help you experience and learn more.