Aurora Polaris: Festival of Light


2020 Gift Grant Now Closed


"Philos Anthropos refers to the essence of what it means to be human - to love others and to be generous.  Giving from a full and overflowing heart generates joy.  Joy generates creativity. Creativity generates prosperity.  Prosperity, especially when shared with those less fortunate, generate an eternal flow of light and life-giving abundance. "

- wisdom from Richard Rudd and The Gene Keys community

Aurora Polaris: Festival of Lights will be celebrated every year on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day.


Polaris is the North Star. It is a star trail bringing humanity closer to the celestial center.  Polaris is the stillness that anchors the orbit of chaos.  By following the light of the cosmos, the path to prosperity is illumined.  Space fills the heart of the curious wanderer.  Travelers of the universe are guided by iridescent, luminous flares painting wonderous, whirling hues that cloak the night sky in an electromagnetic dance of light. 

Aurora is the dawn of the first light.  It marks the beginning of new traditions.  It is the birth of new life. 

Aurora Polaris is a festival of lights.  It is a celebration of culture, artistry, beauty, unity, and humanity as a single expression of universal. love. 


Our goal is to create a new tradition of Black Friday.

Instead of the old tradition of mindless, frenzied shopping on Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, Aurora Polaris: Festival of Lights, involves mindful contemplation on the essential nature of things to support the expression of unique creativity and genius.

The new tradition harnesses the spirit of giving, gratitude, holiday, and philanthropy.


  1. Only 1 entry per person.  Businesses are not eligible.

  2. Participants/applicants must complete all requirements before being considered for the gift grant. 

  3. Applicant must have an active email address to receive correspondences. 

  4. By submitting an application, the application agrees to the grant rules, requirements and regulations. 

  5. One participant will be considered the "Winner" and be gifted with a $1,234 grant from Quantum Nest LLC.

  6. Applicant's Quantum Task and Journal Entry will be posted on this website for public review and rating.

  7. Winner will be determined based on points received form the Questionnaires, Journal Entry and Quantum Task.  In the event of a tie or multiple finalists, the following steps will be taken to determine the winner:

    1. Winner will be determined on the basis of the person having completed a Quantum Nest (QN) Membership form and is a Luminous Listener Member or Conscious Adventurer Member.

    2. If finalizes have a QN membership, then the person who has receive the most ratings for their Quantum Task will be the granted winner.

  8. Public voting on the Quantum Tasks will close Thursday, November 26, 2020 at 5PM CST.

  9. Winner will be announced during a live stream on Instagram on Friday, November 27,2020.

  10. Quantum Nest will email grant winner after announcement.

  11. Please review the Grant Application for additional information.

  12. Any updates to the grant details, rules and regulations will be posted as updates at

Application Fee: $3.33 USD

Deadline to Submit Application: November 22, 2020 @ 11:59PM CST


  1. Submit Application Fee

  2. Have an active PayPal account (grant is in US dollars)

  3. Be an Instagram follower of the Quantum Nest Instagram page (@ourquantumnest) or Subscriber to the Quantum Nest YouTube channel

  4. Complete and submit the 2020 Aurora Lights Grant Application.