Cave Hiker

The Quantum Quest 2020

The Quantum Quest is on a journey to seek the gifts of others. 


Each and every human being on this planet during each and every day of the week.  Decisions are creations.  Choices create effects.  Quantum Nest is a hub of creation. We find pure enjoyment in identifying hidden treasures.  There are gems at the core of every mountain.  The mountain and the gem are symbols of humanity's greatest power, the power of choice.  The mountain is the desire to elevate one's perspective.  The gem is the gift of willing to be shared with the word. As we collaborate and work as one, we become participants and peers within a greater global, cosmic ecosystem. 


2020 Grant

This year, we will award 1 grant in the amount of $2,344 to a businesses or organization that best depicts how they illuminate their space through our pillar of Create. Below are the requirements to participate.

  • Have an active state registered business/organization

  • Submit a short video 1- 3 minute video discussing how you have illuminated your business 

  • Post your video to your social media accounts with the hashtags #Ourquantumnest and #TheQuantumQuest2020Grant