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Deeper into the Quantum Nest

Quantum physics is rooted in the assumption that subatomic, nanoscale particles swim in an expansive field of energy. This energy is shaped by interconnected webs of interference patterns. The patterns are geometric and they are locked into morphogenetic fields that connect the macrocosm of a Universe with the microcosm of a DNA molecule. Patterns, geometry, energy and DNA are all expressions of consciousness that lives as the background awareness inside and outside everything in existence.


A Nest is a way for consciousness to know itself in the structure of DNA. Nests build colonies. Nests hold eggs. Nests form intelligence. Eggs birth Life. Life is intelligent. Life is consciousness nested in the coding of DNA. DNA is an intelligent structure that listens to its environment and responds to frequencies of light. DNA is the smallest structure of bacteria, plants, animals, and humans. Bacteria is intelligent Life that lives outside and inside of Earth. Therefore, DNA is the universal code that builds the structure for intelligent Life to cross-pollinate into greater expressions of a multi-dimensional reality.


Quantum Nest is a multi-dimensional reality where the Nest is perceived as an intelligent structure for consciousness to play the game of Life. The Nest is home to a Synarchy. The Synarchy is a collective of humans who grow his or her own Quantum Light in the safety of a Quantum Nest.


A Quantum Light is the intelligence of photons expressed in the motion of electrons. It is the etheric energy of information and emotion nested in the nuclear nursery illuminating the sun’s core.


Quantum Lights evolve into a Quantum Being. Our purpose is to calibrate the mysterious energies of beauty and simplicity to activate the Quantum Being as an immortal living crystal of consciousness. Energy is simply the immortal beauty of consciousness expressed in the fractal geometry of Light.

Why did we choose a Quantum "Nest"?

One species of the insect kingdom has been misunderstood by the majority of humans living in the modern world of the West: Wasps.


Wasps have attracted fear and disgust in the eyes of many. Yet, this insect is remarkable. It builds nests from the pulp of trees. It creates colonies that serve the whole to sustain the integrity of the community.


Wasps are rejected as villains while bees are embraced as heroes. Wasps are pests. Bees are pollinators. However, the two species of insects are equally majestic in their roles as architects of Life.


Wasps are pollinators and dance inside of an intelligent network of cells arranged in honeycomb shapes.


Wasps work together as a synarchy of worker wasps to support the queen, the hive, and the survival of the colony. Wasps are both solitary and social insects and they are innately musical. They are rhythmic drummers that use vibration to create behaviors and sounds as signals for clear communication between each member of the community.


In essence, wasps are the sleeping beauty of the insect kingdom.

Why is Quantum Nest a virtual city?

A city is rooted in the idea of citizens gathering together in a town or community to inhabit or populate a space where an individual or small family could live amongst the buzz, excitement and wonder of living in a hub of history and creativity where the history of the land is stationed alongside the creativity of the culture in its places where music, theaters and museums are extensions of the city’s timeless character.


Virtual is an adjective that describes something that exists in essence, in the mind or as a simulation of computer software. The origin of this word dates back to the late 14th century where its etymology as the Latin word “virtualis” is defined as “influencing by physical virtues or capabilities, effective with respect to inherent natural qualities”.



The two words “virtual” and “virtue” are intrinsically connected. Together, they can be defined as “capable of producing a certain effect” and “not physically existing but made to appear by software”.


Quantum Nest is a tool for consciousness to know the story of Humanity via the living software of DNA.


The living software of DNA is the universal mind of a collective community of individuals who live together inside of a virtual city that builds Quantum Leaders of Light who embody the intelligence of Seven Virtues: Generosity, Kindness, Patience, Wisdom, Equanimity, Synarchy and Transcendence.


To be virtual is to be spiritual, visual and visceral. To be conscious of the universe and aware of the InnerVerse.


A virtual city is the bridge between imagination and illumination.