Who are we?

The Quantum Nest is a platform for healing arts. We harness the boundless energy of free thinking, creativity and intelligence to create conscious conversations. The Nest is managed by four (4) pillars. The four (4) pillars are Connect, Exchange, Communicate and Create.  Below are brief descriptions of each pillar. Members are called Qnesters and they seek to embody the seven (7) Quantum Leadership attributes. We currently offer two (2) types of memberships for our Qnesters, Luminous Listener and Conscious Adventurer. 

We connect: We believe the ordinary becomes extraordinary when connections are made.  From the simplest ideas to the grandest discoveries, every connection matters. Connections form links. As the links mold into chains of strength, a collective synergy is created, sustained and supported. We participate in a collaborative economy.

We exchange. We are negotiators and partners. Quantum Nest is a catalyst for change.

We communicate. Quantum Nest has a voice.  It speaks of unity. Its words are transmissions.  The first lesson is to listen.  Humanity is a species of socializers and communicators. We share our voices. We speak our truths. We learn. We listen. We honor the individual and the community. 

We create. We find pure enjoyment in identifying hidden treasures.  There are gems at the core of every mountain.  The mountain and the gem are symbols of humanity's greatest power: the power of choice.  The mountain is the desire to elevate one's perspective.  The gem is the innate, unique gift willing to be shared with the world. 

Throughout our pillars, the goal is to exhibit the moral attributes of Quantum Leadership. The "Seven Virtues of a Quantum Leader" are the seven ways to illuminate space.  These seven ways are housed inside of the Quantum Nest. A Quantum Leader creates a nest. The nest holds a cosmic egg.

What is Quantum?

The word word "quantum" is related to many areas including science, philosophy and spirituality. Quantum field is energy. And it’s boundless because the mind starts to use its imagination to create something out of nothing. The field is infinite yet finite.

The quantum field is another name for the aether. The aether is another name for spirit or the 5th alchemical element. Spirit animates matter. Matter builds physical structure. Spirit is the electron. Matter is the photon. Electrons and photons exist in the quantum realm where there are no limits.

You can have boundaries within a boundless border. That’s the paradoxical nature of the quantum realm. And it’s all based on the geometry of fractals. The spirit uses imagination or the mental body to create reality on the causal plane and the causal plane is where the soul lives.