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Velatropa Today,
The Interstellar Journal

Velatropa Today is a cosmic blog written for the primary purpose of transducing pulsar energies into crystal intelligence to elevate the human mind into higher, radialized states of spectral luminescence.      
The authors of this blog are called, The Velatropans.

This group of Beings refer to themselves as an interstellar, telepathic civilization, teaching as “Post-Historians of the Present”.

The Velatropans contemplate the fundamental frameworks and concepts of history, philosophy, hyperphysics and Cosmic Science to offer readers an enhanced understanding of Interstellar Life and provide the human species with an opportunity to create new narratives regarding mainstream issues and everyday challenges.

After reading a post, the reader will be informed, realigned with the 13:20 frequencies and encouraged to listen to a Fractal Findings episode or cultivate his or her own contemplation practice to further advance the intuitive, intellectual, telepathic arts of thinking, perceiving and radializing consciousness.    

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