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Quantum Nest

Who are we?

Quantum Nest, LLC is a virtual city that serves as a platform for healing arts. We house a community of extraordinary humans who grow into Quantum Leaders of Light. Quantum Leaders of Light collectively govern the city as One Quantum Being. This city was founded by sisters, Aletheia M. and Malakai F. in August 2020. 

Why do we exist?

Every human being is connected to every other human being by the simple fact that we live on Earth.


Our planet is transforming. This event has been the subject of ancient prophecy and mystery for centuries but at its core it is simply The Great Awakening of Humanity as One Unified Body of Light.


Higher frequencies of cosmic and gamma rays are entering our solar system, altering our perception of Time and elevating our awareness into the eternal presence of Now. Time is dissolving and the present moment is the only reality where consciousness can awaken to its Higher Self and recognize each of its parts in the mirror of every human eye.


Quantum Nest is a lever for consciousness to employ as it travels across the globe to attune and align the core fractals to manifest the greatest mission on Earth: To Bring the Human Family back to Life.

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Co-Founder, Aletheia M.

Co-Founder | Author | Podcast and Blog Host | Sister of Malakai F.

Focus: Reuniting the human being to spirituality and life

I am a Polymath.  I see from multiple perspectives and have access to powerful streams of intelligence. I own a vast library of knowledge from reference books in multiple theoretical and scientific fields to a variety of esoteric transmissions describing the principles of energy, spirituality, consciousness, and the mind to other self-empowering explorations of the world. There is a healthy mix of art, science, history, poetry, practicality and philosophy.  This library of knowledge transcends traditional university education. 

As a self-taught mystic, I have unlocked the gifts of my genius. I view myself as the fruit, embodying the Gene Keys. These keys are a luminous teaching written by award-winning poet, author and mystic Richard Rudd. My commitment to his Golden Path program and active participation in his multiple virtual retreats has led to my initiation as a Self-Illuminated Master. The flower of my fruit blossomed as an indelible devotion to a Higher Vision and a Higher version of myself.


The seed of my journey started as a hunger to learn. I started to follow the teachings of Gregg Braden in his “Missing Links” show, David Wilcock in his “Wisdom Teachings” show, the guidance of Ra from the Law of One book series, Seth from the series of Seth Books, and the YouTube lectures of the hidden prophet and revolutionary Terence McKenna, and exploring the open-sourced online program of the Unified Physics Model led by world-renowned physicist, Nassim Haramein and fellow faculty members of the Resonance Science Foundation.

Currently, I am studying the Seven Sacred Seals, an extension of the Gene Keys, taught by Richard Rudd. In addition to my daily readings and contemplations, I am constantly refining and expanding my knowledge base in service to the whole to illuminate the gifts hidden in darkness.  These main channels of information are sourced from books, online programs, YouTube videos and a subscription to the Gaia Network. 

I offer coaching sessions to help you better understand dreams, light and energy. I will leave you inspired and filled with intelligent, regenerative energy. Every minute will be worth your time.  If you are interested in scheduling a session, please see the details below. 

Co-Founder, Malakai F.

Co-Founder | Illustrator & Graphic Designer | Upcoming Blog Author | Sister of Aletheia M.

Focus: Reuniting the human being to nutrition and balance

I am an adventurer, previous environmental scientist and engineer.  I enjoy photography (check out the pics on Instagram @ourquantumnest.com), but I try to promote the concept of simplicity throughout my life. As a curious youngster, I watched my elders as they worked on the farm until they were in their 90’s. They planted, tilled and harvested their own food while also laboring as Tobacco farmers. My elders embodied versatility. They were accountants, landowners and treasurers and they possessed a strong, firm belief in God. They expressed their love through food and song and accepted love through laughter and commitment.


However, I watched my elders take pills every day when they got older and this did not sit well with me.  I listened to their conversations as they spoke, acted and held the firm belief that their blood pressure and cholesterol pills were needed everyday so they could stay healthy. Of course they may help balance a person; however I did not want to grow up as an adult and become dependent on taking prescriptions with the mindset that it's the only way to heal my body.

My personal journey has been heavily influenced by the love and strength of my ancestors. As I have matured into an entrepreneurial, creative professional, my primary focus has changed from the corporate world of hierarchy and structures to the collective world of personal and physical development.

I offer coaching sessions to help you better understand how the food you consume affect your body physically, mentally and emotionally. The wisdom of my experiences and my gifts to visualize, listen and teach are all attributes I will share with you during our session. If you are interested in scheduling a session, please see the details below.