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Bio-Solar Intelligence

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Transit to the Noosphere, the Radial Time of Solar Synchronization


Quantum Nest is a digital research hub and information network composed of bio-solar intelligent communities. We specialize in the simultaneous development of ordinary genius and planetary kinship.

Our Mission

To promote the science of radial time and the practical applications of telepathic art.

Our Vision

To develop and open a land-based Research and Education Center for children, teenagers, adults and elders to commune and immerse in collaborative play to advance the human species' knowledge of fourth-dimensional radiosonics, synchronotronics, holonomics and pulsar technology. 


Science is a tool to discover the questions and investigate their relevance.


Intelligence begins with the body, looking from the inside-out and extends with the mind, looking outside-in.


Energy is the foundation of creation. Without energy, motion is blocked, and nothing is formed.


Art is the foundation of form. Without art, ideas are silenced, and nothing is spoken. 


Information is a living energy-matrix of neutral frequencies.


Consciousness is the order of form and formless awareness. Without consciousness, chaos reigns and love is destroyed.

Our Methodology

Combining introspective knowledge

Our methods of research combine introspective knowledge with objective thinking. Personal experience is considered valid. Facts, statistics, peer-reviewed journals, and independent opinions are legitimate sources to be further examined. At its core, we are interested in nurturing the intellectual, intuitive art of thinking.

Our Belief in Humanity

Co-Creating Reality

Either humanity is alone in the universe, as the highest intelligence ruling the Earth or humanity is not alone, as an equal intelligence co-creating reality projected into the mental screens of beings living on, within and beyond Planet Earth.

Our Next Great Technology

Will be found in inner space

The next great technology will not be discovered on this planet, a moon, an asteroid, a comet or any other planet in outer space; the next technology will be found in inner space: animated, awakened and self-contained.

Abstract Linear Background


Below are the Nine Values that form the essence of what Quantum Nest is, why it exists and what fuels its mission.

Abstract Linear Background

Get Connected

Listen to our podcast, read our blog, join and engage with others in our groups and forums and learn how you can develop yourself personally and professionally.


Listen to QN Adventurer, Kin 142, Chelsea Crystal Wind, as she artistically contemplates various topics in her Fractal Findings podcast.

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Velatropa Today,
The Interstellar Journal

Learn About Energy: Understanding Electricity from A Different Perspective - HOW WE WORK

Learn About Art: Understanding Space from A Different Perspective - HOW WE CREATE

Learn About Number: Understanding Sound from A Different Perspective - HOW WE LISTEN

Learn About Consciousness: Understanding Mind from A Different Perspective - HOW WE THINK

Forums & Groups

The Quantum Nest network of bio-intelligent hubs is informed by a specific School of Luminescence.

The purpose of each School is to interpret, examine, and experiment with the multi-leveled expressions of Light, perceived through four core lenses of Technical, Practical, Theoretical and Spiritual Education. The schools are divided into small learning Pentas. Our groups and forums foster an environment of active engagement to refine the superhuman capacity to speak One Language

One-on-One Sessions

Schedule a session to learn more about your 5th Dimensional Triadic Self.

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